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Convert Binge Drinking to Safe Social Drinking

Regain your freedom and escape the alcohol trap. Enjoy the fun and health benefits of safe, moderate drinking. You are not doomed to a life of living in "recovery."

Sessions are private, confidential and affordable.

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Drop Your Bad Habits. 

Overcome this culture which revolves around drinking.

Maybe it’s your family, friends, colleagues, or the bar flies that get you into drinking trouble. 

Hypnosis can help most drinkers. Only a small percentage of drinkers inherit a genetic predisposition for alcoholism.

You can address any of the underlying issues that could be root causes:

 self-esteem, peer pressure, stressful relationships, or family problems.  

Avoid serious physical, psychological, social, financial, legal, and work-related consequences that can result from alcohol abuse. 

Take charge of your binge drinking, and enjoy all of the fun, freedom, and health benefits of moderate social drinking.