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Hypnosis Can Treat Anxiety (& Help You Stop Feeling Stressed)

Here's why it works.

Hypnosis works with your brain, changing the way you perceive situations in more appropriate ways. It also helps you remove blocks or phobias that trigger anxiety attacks.

Why? Because anxiety itself is just another form of self-hypnosis: You are programming negativity in your brain. Hypnosis helps change your thinking to view things with a healthier mindset and response.

You may feel your heart pounding hard, fast, as if it could beat through your chest. You feel the heavy pounding in your ears, as a warm burning sensation grips and clenches your gut. And then, a suffocating feeling starts to envelop you, as if breathing is almost impossible, almost like air is being sucked from your body.

You are filled with an unexplainable worry that is continuous, racing through your thoughts making rational comprehension impossible.

Anxiety can have a devastating impact on your self-confidence, impact your relationships, career, hobbies and physical health.

A hypnotherapist will help you clear out the negative messages that you are playing and help you create a more positive mindset.

It creates a life style change consciously and subconsciously, changing the way you think and speak to yourself and about yourself, adding a positive element to your life.

Private and affordable sessions are available in the Montreal West Island area.

Imagine a fantastic sense of Well-Being


David Bercovici

Certified NGH

As a result of anxiety you experience feelings such as fear, frustration, anger, nervousness and worry.

These may be some of the concerns that affect you:

• friendships and relationships     
• death and loss 
• money • family • health and or • work

You may also exhibit physical problems such as:

• breathing difficulties 
• muscle tension
• concentration
• headaches 
• insomnia
• agitation
• fatigue
• rashes

The power of your mind will change the way you look at things.

Hypnosis is an excellent treatment in both the reduction and elimination of anxiety

Feel Calmer. Be Calmer.

Non-Medical Aspect of Life Challenges

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Overcome Insomnia and Sleep Restfully 
- Surgery Preparation and Recovery

Overcoming Compulsive Habits

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