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What Everybody Ought to Know about Aphasia Recovery

Aphasia rehabilitation begins with positive hypnotic suggestions.

Hypnosis taps directly into your subconscious mind to activate its innate ability to build new models of function.

The first step when experiencing symptoms is to see your doctor for a diagnosis.

Nature is so wonderful because within weeks of a stroke, new blood vessels begin to form, and newly born neurons migrate to the damaged area to aid in the regeneration process.

The role of belief and expectancy is paramount in the brain-body interaction that occurs during recovery after brain damage.

According to the theory of neuroplasticity, the brain is constantly changing in response to experiences. New behaviors, new learning, environmental changes, and physical injuries may all cause the brain to grow new neural pathways or reorganize existing ones. These changes can fundamentally alter how information is processed.

Hypnosis encourages you to use this power of your mind and imagination to send those electrical signals (brain waves) and bio-chemicals (self-producing neurochemicals of which there are over 100) from your brain to parts of your body that need repair.

Hypnosis and Aphasia

Your thoughts are known to produce bio-chemicals; therefore with your thoughts, you can stimulate that very mechanism making use of and cooperating with the brain's own self-repairing mechanisms.

If you expect poor or no results, this becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.
Thus, hypnotic suggestions are always positive.

When you’re in a hypnotic state, it may seem that little is accomplished, but your mind is really put to work, working harder while in a hypnotic state than when in a conscious state.

The work is focused on healing, improving, and speeding up the process of recovery.

You can then use self-hypnosis to help release stress and tension and help in the healing process to recover from Aphasia. 


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