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A healthy sex life makes a very important difference in your overall mental and physical health. Hypnosis can be helpful in dealing with and resolving many of the possible causes to sexual problems.

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Yes, I know it seems like everyone else is having great sex. It only seems this way because problems are rarely discussed.

The most common sexual issues for men include premature ejaculation, impotence, and loss of libido.

The most common sexual problems for woman include failure to reach orgasm, painful intercourse caused by either medical or psychological issues, and loss of libido.

You May:

-  Avoid sexual relationships altogether
-  Have anxiety about the issue
-  Avoid sex with your partner
-  Suffer low self esteem
-  Change partners
-  Feel depressed
-  Feel ashamed
-  Avoid dating
-  Feel guilty

The first step is to see your doctor for a diagnosis.

Sexual issues are often due to life’s pressures, such as relationship problems, the arrival of children, work pressures, and a change in your health and lifestyle.

For others, sexual issues may be rooted in early sexual experiences or reactions to unconscious relationship issues.

 Learn to tap into good places; less pain, less anxiety, fewer complications, healthy body, healthy mind and better life.