David Bercovici Hypnotherapist Montreal West Island

Creating the Life You Desire

Everyone should learn to tap into good places; less pain, less anxiety, fewer complications, healthy body, healthy mind and better life.

Hypnosis can guide you to higher level of both personal and professional satisfaction.

Hypnosis is the tool to use to help you adopt a healthy diet, regular exercise and it can literally transform you into the person you’ve always dreamed you could be.

The power of hypnosis allows you to literally rewrite your inner dialogue and change your thought patterns.

Despite your current educational or economic status, you have the ability to take control of your own life and make positive changes.

 Sessions are private and affordable.

Please call for a free consultation and please don’t hesitate to call to ask any questions.

 David Bercovici

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Grief from Loss Hypnosis
Best Friend

Non-Medical Health Issues Hypnosis
Asthma Treatment
Strengthen Your Immune System
Chronically Fatigued
Cope with Illness
Quiet Mind
Scared of Leaving Home
Restless Legs Syndrome
Teeth Grinding
Ringing in Your Ears
Pain Relief
No More Migraine

Better Learning Hypnosis
Fear of Debating
Fear of Public Speaking
Learn to Play Music
Learn Fast
Memorizing Music
Improve Your Acting
Improve Retention
Studying Motivation and Inspiration
Get to Your Potential!
Handling Failure
Better Visualization

Increase Your Energy Hypnosis
Expect More from Life
Courage in the Face of Adversity
Be More Enthusiastic
Think Big
Self Confidence

Stop Bad Habits Hypnosis
Pulling Eyebrows / Eyelashes
Hair Pulling
Biting Your Lips
Skin Picking
Nail Biting
Nose Picking
Stop Shaking those keys or pocket change

Teen’s Hypnosis
Confident Teen
Parents Separated
Dealing with insults
Healthy Lifestyle
Overcome Procrastination
Get Motivated!
Selling Yourself
Accept Feedback Even Criticism
Make Yourself Understood
Social Skills
Sports Performance
Dealing with Moodiness

Personal Development Hypnosis
Dance anywhere
Public Speaking
Be a Confident Teacher, Nurse, Doctor
Build Self Esteem
End insecurity
Don't Blame Yourself
You Deserve Better
Get Control over Anger
Half Marathon
Success Rehearsal in Sports
Run, Run, Run
Recover from Sports Injury

Sexual Issues Hypnosis
Be Happy with What You've Got
Accept Sexuality
Coming Out
Get Rid of Impotence
Enjoy Ejaculation
Enhance Love making
Love Your Spouse Again
Get Better in Bed
Confidence without Clothes

Parenting Hypnosis
Be Assertive with Kids
Empty Nest Syndrome
Confidence Booster for New Parents
Be Less Guilty
Patient Parents
Parental Expectation

Relationship Hypnosis
How to Deal with a Jealous Partner
You CAN Love Again
Imperfect Partner
Happily Single
His Sexual Past
Revive Your Relationship
Marriage Saver
Overcome Divorce
Stay Faithful
Reading Partner's Mind
Surviving Infidelity
Commit to Your Relationship
Stop Being a Victim
Stop Adultery
Ending Relationships
Accepting Love
Stopping Regrets

Be Better Socially Hypnosis
Eliminate Loneliness
Managing Personal Change
Create/ Reinvent a New You
Happy Retirement
Stronger Character

Job Skills Hypnosis
Leadership Skills
Manage Better
Sell Your Ideas
Be More Proactive
Ease Interview Anxiety
Tele-marketing Confidence

Pregnancy and Childbirth Hypnosis
Breast feeding
Childbirth Hypnosis
Baby's Coming
Scared of Having a Baby
Improve Fertility
Enjoy Pregnancy
Enjoy Family Gatherings

Overcome Fears Hypnosis
Fear of Spiders
Fear at the Dentists
Driving Test Nerves
Fear of Tests and Exams
Fear of Wasps
Boat Phobia
Fear of Bridges
Fear of Birds
Fear of Injection
Fear of Snakes
Fear of Driving
Fear of Escalators/Elevators
Fear of Flying
Fear of Germs
Fear of Heights
Fear of the Dark