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Imagine No More Chronic Pain
Find out how hypnosis could relieve your chronic pain plus it can reduce anxiety and improve your sleep..

You don’t need to wait for the final scientific discoveries because you can find relief now with hypnosis for chronic pain.

Hypnotism: A safer kind of painkiller

Hypnotism for pain is finding an increasingly receptive audience as doctors and patients seek alternatives to opioid painkillers.

Lately, doctors have been referring patients who are struggling with pain caused by chronic diseases or joint problems.and I think it is because of all the publicity and the changing rules and attitudes about opioids.

Several clinical studies regarding hypnotism, have found it effective at reducing pain, stress and menopausal symptoms, and at helping people quit smoking. 

Best First Step: Get a Diagnosis

- a rheumatologist (a specialist in conditions that affect muscles and joints)
- a neurologist (a specialist in conditions of the central nervous system)
- a psychologist (a specialist in mental health and psychological treatments)

If your diagnosis is confirmed as chronic pain, you may need to try a variety of treatments to find a combination that suits you.

Treatment Options

Treatment tends to be a combination of:
• medications
• talking therapies
• lifestyle changes

Benefits of hypnosis include:
• decreased muscle pain
• decreased morning fatigue
• fewer sleep difficulties
• increased relaxation

Use Hypnosis to Gain More Control Over Your Illness

Hypnosis helps you to shift your thought patterns and behaviors.

For example, do you have a song that turns you on, makes you want to jump to the rhythm, or causes you to cry?

Have you ever listened to a sermon or speech that inspired you to take action or to feel emotion?

Have you read books that have captured your attention to the exclusion of everything else around you?

These experiences usually improve or spoil your mood for the day.

In contrast, not only does hypnosis take your mind to another place, but suggestions you receive while in a hypnotic state can change your thought patterns, the way you see things, and the way you think and feel about certain ideas in a permanent way, enhancing your life.

Hypnosis can work well in conjunction with other treatments to reduce chronic pain, and improve coping and function.

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