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Common Applications of Hypnosis

Hypnosis has proven to be effective in a myriad of applications:

- Changing habits: Smoking, overeating, nail biting, etc.
- Insomnia.
- Stress management.
- Overcoming fears: Public speaking, animals, flying, heights, etc.
- Preparing for tests by reducing anxiety, improving retention and recall.
- Shortening psychiatric treatment time to achieve rapid change.
- Medical Applications: Pain control, anesthesia, allergies, accelerating the pre/post-surgery healing    process and more.

Hypnosis may be used to enhance and improve your life in:

- Sports performance.
- Sexual enhancement.
- Finding lost items.
- Remembering suppressed events.
- Artistic expression.
- Gaining deep rest and rejuvenation.

Some of the more controversial and esoteric applications of hypnosis include:
- Past-life regression.
- Communicating with spirits.
- Healing through divine communication and intervention.

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