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Make Female's Health Symptoms of Stress and Tension Things of the Past
Imagine feeling better and being in control during your menstrual cycle. You’ll be able to control your mood swing, have more energy, and feel normal prior to and during your period.

Imagine being calm and confident, improving your fertility. 

Imagine being calmer and relieving many of your symptoms during pregnancy.

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Stress Can Make Menstruation Symptoms Worse

Symptoms can include headaches, anxiety and nervousness fatigue, depression, moodiness, backaches, pelvic pain, fluid retention and bloating, food cravings, sweating, swelling of the legs, irritability, breast engorgement and tenderness, temperature changes, migraines, lowered sex drive, increase in accidents and errors, acne, allergic reactions, and outbursts of aggression.

In addition everyday stressors can influences the brain’s hypothalamus, which in turn mediates the anterior pituitary and, therefore, the ovaries. That means if one part of the menstrual cycle is altered, everything else will also be affected.

The Stress Involved with Pregnancy

Pregnancy means many changes, and the stress of change often brings out more symptoms and even aggravates any existing symptoms.

Stress may even begin before conception. You begin to think of all the changes you need to make and all the things you need to pay attention to, even more than before. You need to take better care of your health; alcohol, nicotine, and medication intake has to be controlled.
Tension can build; if you focus on the negative, this drains your energy from the happy anticipation.

There is fear of a miscarriage, having a defective baby, labor pain, or potentially undergoing a Cesarean section.

If you are affected by morning sickness, it reduces your activities and changes your mood. Your size and weight increases.

Financial changes are taking place; you need to buy new items—diapers, perhaps, baby formulas and clothes, baby toys, and gadgets to monitor the baby’s activity. 

Beyond the delivery date, you don’t feel in control of the future, and there is no predicting how the reality of motherhood will play out. Stress of losing control and the fears of the realities of parenthood may even begin to affect your relationship.

Postpartum Stress and Depression

Psychologically stressful changes begin with delivery.

After delivery, the new mother is separated from her husband, family, and even often separated from her baby.

She feels isolated, vulnerable, and incapacitated; her first days at home with baby can make things worse because of a loss of freedom, mobility, and choice, lack of sleep, becoming a feeding machine, and mixed feelings about parenting and its responsibilities.

The Stress Involved in Menopause

Menopause is a time of major physical change, and it affects nearly every organ in the body.

Hypnotherapy Helps During | Menstruation Cycle | Pre-maternity Pregnancy | Postpartum | Menopause

Hypnotherapy, particularly self-hypnosis, can be learned to reduce, if not eliminate, many of the symptoms of menstruation and pregnancy.

Learn to tap into good places; less pain, less anxiety, fewer complications, healthy body, healthy mind and better life.