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Sport Hypnosis

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Harness the Power of Your Own Mind!

Sport Hypnosis can help you sharpen your mental focus, relax your body without losing your competitive edge, visualize and imagine success, stimulate healing, and control your emotions during training and especially when facing important competitions. 

Hypnosis is now a mainstream, modern training technique used by top professionals; it's not a submissive state as portrayed on TV and movies.

YES, learn to sharpen your mental focus, relax your body during the off or waiting cycles, enhance your degree of tension or energy to perform well at those appropriate times , visualize/imagine successful performance, think positively, and control your emotions during training and especially when facing important competitions.

Are you determined to find something that will give you an edge, then it makes sense that a technique to elicit a change at the subconscious level can be highly effective.

Hypnosis is a useful tool used to improving your performance in your game or sport of choice. 

Mental Factors are just as important as physical factors and taking care of the mental side of your sport will enhance the physical side.

Overcome self-doubt.

Acquire the ability to focus

Overcome anxiety or pre-competition jitters

It also helps you in developing new habits and behaviors, as well as releasing unhealthy or unproductive emotions and replacing them with positive suggestions and affirmations.

Sport hypnosis is all about creating the right sort of expectations and channeling all of the dopamine you’ve worked up in the right direction at the right time..

•increases your concentration

•improve your stress management

•increases your performance motivation

•contributes to relaxation during down times

•if you want the ability to eliminate distractions

•reinforce your sporting goals

•learn to control your pain and enhance your healing

How Much of Your Sport is a “mental game” ?

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