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 Let Go of Guilt and Shame

GUILT and SHAME are powerful emotions that result in people holding themselves back in all areas.

First we were looking for our parent’s approval and said and did things to get it.
Then external approval became important and we chose to conform to reference groups like; family, society and religion, teachers, close friends, actors, singers, athletes or work colleagues.

GUILT defined as "I did something wrong"

SHAME defined as "I'm a bad person"

The mind reacts to guilt with negative self-talk and negative emotions such as sadness, disappointment, or anxiety.

The body manifests debilitating guilt by showing symptoms of stress and fatigue.

The guilt cycle starts with shame, which turns into anger. The anger creates anxiety, which brings in more guilt. This endless cycle establishes negative self-accusation, self-loathing, and unhappiness.

Hypnosis is a fast and effective tool to release and eliminate the power of those toxic emotions.

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