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Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Gut-directed hypnotherapy in combination with standard therapies is the most successful treatment for IBS.

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Your mind plays a role. This does not mean that irritable bowel is all in your mind. 
It just underlines that hypnosis can help you take better control of your 'mind' and engage your natural healing abilities:

-alter your gut's response to food
-influence gastric acid secretion and stomach emptying
-slow transit time from your mouth to the beginning of the large intestine
-reduce the strength of contractions in the large intestine
-reduce your perception of pain in the gut
-reduce your inflammation 
-boost your immune system

Irritable bowel symptoms are exacerbated by stress. Even people who have normal digestion can suffer from diarrhea when anxious or scared. Overcoming stress is a treatment for an irritable bowel. You will also be asked to imagine healing energy flowing into your abdomen and you will be asked to visualize your digestive system as a smooth flowing creek. Gradually, you'll increase your ability to calm your digestive tract.

We can all go into a hypnotic trance. I’m sure you’ve experienced hypnotic state when you were totally absorbed in a book, a website or a movie and you were unaware of the things going on around you. It's as simple as that. When you swing a golf club or throw a dart and get almost exactly the result you want you're in a trance. When you're making love with your partner you're in a trance. That's the proof.

Being told you have IBS is not a specific diagnosis and there’s nothing very precise about IBS because there are dozens of different conditions under the IBS umbrella.
It's a horrible, painful, demoralizing group of conditions that are vaguely linked by having very similar symptoms.

Your most helpful solution could be hypnosis and the first thing is to believe that you do have power over your gut. There's no drawback with hypnosis. 
Just enter into a state of hypnosis so that you can hand over to your subconscious mind the task of engaging your natural healing abilities. 

Work & School Hypnosis

 Public Speaking
 Test Anxiety
 Procrastination
 Motivation
 Improve Study Habits
 Eliminate Interview Anxiety
 Self-Esteem and Confidence
 Fear of Rejection
 Fear of Failure
 Fear of Success
 Stress Relief

 Relationship Hypnosis

    Overcome a Breakup
 Fear of Commitment
 Sexual Dysfunction
 Anger Management 
 Overcome Social Anxiety
 Overcome Jealousy 
 Fear of Rejection
 Fear of Abandonment
 Self-Acceptance
 Divorce
 Save Your Marriage
 Dating Confidence
 Overcome Insecurity in Relationships 
 Improve Relationships

Fears, Phobias, and Anxiety Hypnosis

Fear of Flying
Overcome Social Anxiety
Panic Attack
Hypnotize to Tranquilize
Fear of Heights
Fear of Elevators
Fear of Driving 
Fear of the Dark
Fear of Germs
Fear of Thunder and Lightning
Fear of Crowds
Fear of Bridges
Fear of Vomiting
Fear of Water
Overcome Dental Anxiety
Fear of Spiders
Fear of Snakes