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Let Go of Unjustified Jealousy 

Hypnosis can help you overcome suspicious attitudes, controlling behavior, possessiveness, and domineering behavior.

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Is It Lies or Just a Twisted Mind

Do you fear losing something; losing a special project, losing a promotion at work, losing a friend, losing your girlfriend, boyfriend, or your spouse.

An emotionally mature individual can handle these feelings in a rational way but jealousy occurs when an individual has a certain amount of insecurity, low self-esteem, or lack of trust.

You're blowing things out of proportion and flooding your brain with negative thoughts.

Twisted reality paired with self-esteem issues or inner insecurities, irrational behavior can no longer be controlled.

 Mistrust, along with other poor behaviors and attitudes, can bring you down and even pull apart a relationship.

It's time to make a change.

Hypnosis helps you to be more rational, assess situations more realistically, and better recognize cues your partner gives you; it will help you to be able to discern whether he or she is being honest or not.

Develop a set of calming skills, building self-confidence, and overcoming trust issues.

Overcome jealousy with hypnosis, replacing the negative subconscious thoughts with more pleasant and positive thoughts and feelings.

Relationship Hypnosis

    Overcome a Breakup
 Fear of Commitment
 Sexual Dysfunction
 Anger Management 
 Overcome Social Anxiety
 Overcome Jealousy 
 Fear of Rejection
 Fear of Abandonment
 Self-Acceptance
 Divorce
 Save Your Marriage
 Dating Confidence
 Overcome Insecurity in Relationships 
 Improve Relationships