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 Sample Hypnosis Scripts


Accomplishing goals


Alcohol, releasing

Anger / temper


Anxiety control

Anxiety about Medical Procedures

Arthritis, reduction


Believe in yourself

Blushing/ Rosacea

Body image




Control issues

Dealing with divorce

Decision making

De-clutter your life

Deep relaxation

Dental distress

Doctor and needle phobia

Driving anxiety

Drug abuse


Eating, disorder

Ego strengthening, confidence & success


Exam anxiety

Exercise, motivation for

Fear of commitment

Fear of confrontation

Fear of criticism

Fear of Dentist / Doctors

Fear of Flying

Fear of failure

Fear of Friday 13th

Fear of heights

Fear of public speaking

Fear of rejection

Fear of Snakes

Fear of Spiders

Fear of Being Alone

Fear of success, overcoming

Feeling positive everyday

Finding lost objects

Forgiveness of self and others


Gambling, addiction

Golf, improvement

Grinding teeth

Healing, visualization and restoration


Healing, faster

How to Overcome Love Loss

Impatience, overcoming

Infertility, unexplained

Inner strength and peace



Interview success

Jealousy, dealing with

Job, interview

Loss of a loved one, dealing with

Believing in Yourself

Increase Self-Esteem

Motivation for Success

Nail Biting

Pain Control

Sexual Libido

Stop Drinking

Stress Reduction

Learning to say No

Letting Go of Bad Event in Life

Overcoming Self Doubt

Social Shyness

Sport Confidence

Sports Achievement


Sports Psychology (Baseball)

Avoid Sodas and Soft Drinks

Change your Minds to Change your Feelings

Driving Fear

Migraine Relief

Overcoming Grief—Loss of a Mate


Rapid healing and better Immune system


Sexy, Attractive & Confident Self-Image

Stage Fright

Trusting your Choices

Panic attacks

Picking of skin

Sexual performance anxiety

Shopping addiction  

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