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Can Hypnotherapy Assist You to Stop Stuttering?

Find out how to stop stuttering and gain more fluency with personalized hypnotherapy sessions.

Why is it that most people who stammer when they are fearful or anxious speak fluently in other situations, such as when they are alone, singing, speaking to a pet, or speaking to people with whom they experience comfort and safety in their presence?

The root of blockings could be derived from your childhood when these learnings became embodied into your muscle tissues.

- Blocking could be derived from experiences with hurt are installed in the muscles of breathing and speaking

- All you have to do is think, remember, or imagine something fearful and then you begin stuttering.

-  Perhaps your unconscious stammering began as an attention getter, or stammering was used as a means of revenge and now remains.

Having Anticipatory Anxiety about Stammering

I feel I have the ability to be stutter-free, but I don’t know how to do it.
I need to be respected and loved in order to be fluent.
It’s another form of panic attack.
I am just not trying hard enough.
I need to hide my stuttering.
I will stutter when I speak.
I need to be perfect.
I'm afraid

There is hope because your experiences can be used to help you overcome and stop stuttering through reversing the negative expectations and focusing instead on positive visualization.

Your ideas that became incorporated or embodied into your nervous system and muscle memory can be reversed through positive suggestions to your unconscious mind during a hypnotic state.

Hypnosis will focus on deep physical relaxation, reducing stress, and building self-esteem, well being, and confidence which will all lead to the goal of gaining fluency.

 Sessions are private and affordable.

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